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DK Company is a Denmark-based fashion company. It designs, markets and distributes clothes for all age groups. The Company has three main market divisions, namely DK Trend, which offers clothes for younger customers, including Kaffe, Cream, Occupied, and Creamie brands, among others; DK Kids, which offers clothes for infants and children and includes such brands, as Gaia & Ko, Tiny minimo and Minimo; and DK Classic, which offers clothes for men and women in all ages and includes such brands, as Blue Willis, Choise and Deluca, among others. The Company's products are manufactured in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Eastern Europe. The Company follows a multi-brand strategy. Its products are sold in a number of countries, mainly in Denmark, but also in Canada, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Austria, among others. In August 2013, the Company divested its Studio and Veto brands
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