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Bachelor Management du Luxe

Course Summary School: EIDM École Internationale de Mode & Luxe

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

The Bachelor of Luxury Management, in 3 years, ensures students understand the challenges of the luxury industry as well as a 360-degree immersion in this ever-growing sector.
To begin with, students learn to adapt their communication, marketing and promotion techniques to achieve sales objectives and targets and to apply the key strategies of the luxury business in their entirety. They learn to focus on essential elements: customer relationship, the impact of social networks and the user experience. Subsequently, the curriculum presents a critical analysis of the most essential elements of branding by highlighting the attributes of the product (qualities, options and design). Students finally learn the difference between the brand image, its identity, its packaging and its labelling.
Finally, EIDM trains future luxury players, working closely with professionals in this sector and developing a quality program, combining know-how with know-how.
In the 3rd year, the program offers various specialization options among the following modules:
- Jewelry & Perfumery
- Fashion & Accessories
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