British Vogue collaborated with a fashion brand to create a collection, a first in the history of fashion. Source: British Vogue, Youtube

The deputy high commissioner for human rights at the UN Human Rights Office reflects on the nature of human dignity at the Business of Fashion Voices conference. Source: Youtube, UN

Despite her fame, some regarded Bella Hadid's position in the industry dubious. Source: Youtube, Bella Hadid

Fashion East offers up-and-coming designers a chance to show at London Fashion Week. Source: Youtube, The Fashion Archive

An opinion piece on the split between Raf Simons and Calvin Klein, and what it means for the fashion world. Source: Youtube, Calvin Klein

Learn about the manufacturing process of Safilo glasses, whose portfolio of brands includes Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, Dior, Boss, Elie Saab, Givenchy and Havaianas. Source: Youtube, The Spectacle Factory Ltd

During a talk in the University of Texas, Sharen Turney, shares the story of her journey through the retail world to become the female CEO of a lingerie superpower. Source: Youtube, University of Texas

Learn about how to spot fake streetwear when shopping second hand. Source: Youtube, Highsnobiety

Learn about where the iconic Levi's logo came from. Source: Youtube, Highsnobiety

For the very first time, Vogue took its Inside The Wardrobe franchise and placed it in front of a live studio audience at the Google Pixel 3 Curiosity Rooms to discover the everyday extraordinary that lies within Pixie Geldof’s personal treasure trove. Source: Britist Vogue, YouTube.

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