Two words, a harmonious combination, a winning binomial. In the name of its brand TWINSET reveals its origins, its present and its future paths. Starting from the transverse spirit of this iconic garment, a union of a cardigan and its sweater, a marriage between feminine fascination and self-assured elegance, discreet seduction and sartorial knowhow, but also ambassador of a territory that has made quality and excellence its cardinal virtues. And then a versatile company with a strong identity imbued with creativity, research, insight, entrepreneurial spirit, two driving forces and unanimous passion. That’s right, because right from the start Simona Barbieri and her husband managed to transmit a harmony that drives the production lines, the same one that can be felt in the corridors of the company and can be perceived in the daily actions of its staff’s every activity. And this may well be the secret of a success that cares little for its motivations but is aware of how, to be successful, it is necessary to focus on everything that lies behind each garment, but is invisible to the naked eye: commitment, shared values, passion, and above all, an expression of everyone’s personal talents which, like the thousand strands that go to create knitwear, is a vital part of important work. Not only do those who work in the company love to express themselves in concrete terms they also love the product and wear it showing a style that is complete, romantic and with a character that can vary according to each person’s unique and inimitable personality.

It is this harmony that the consumer feels when she enters the shop, it is this style that she wears in daily life and for important occasions. It is an image that has become established yet continues to evolve over time: increasingly total, modern, abounding in inspiration and projected into the world.


Founded as a knitwear company, today TWINSET – Simona Barbieri S.p.A. is heavily present in Italy and abroad with a total look which offer to dress women “from head to toe” in timeless, contemporary elegance.

The brand has a romantic and feminine taste that emerges in all of its lines, from the main collection TWINSET Simona Barbieri to the My Twin Twinset collection specializing in denim and casualwear, the U & B Twinset underwear and beachwear line, and its baby and kidswear collections.



As we grow and expand, we need to attract motivated, dynamic, creative and innovative talents, for every area of our company.

In TWINSET we believe in people and we are committed to creating a dynamic and productive environment in which each person can have the best working experience.

In order to continue our successful path, we recognize the importance of our human resources. This is the reason we offer our employees continuous growth opportunities and training.

Will you be our new ambassador?

Twinset has the following opportunities to fill:

According to the upcoming success of the collections, there was the exigency to open flagship stores that represent the spirit of the brand, in order to let the customer live the “TwinSet experience”.

The first stores with the TwinSet sign opened in the year 2000 in Reggio Emilia and Modena, two lively towns closed to the company’s head office. After that, some important Italian touristic resorts were chosen as next location, that is Riccione, Forte dei Marmi and Bari.

From 2010, an escalation of openings in the most famous Italian places followed (Milan, Florence, Rome and Turin), together with the new store concept creation.

This is only the beginning of a retail chain development that will involve the opening of flagship stores in the most glamorous international places.

In addition, the company has a Shop online session inside the internet site.


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