Our global community of more than 15,000 employees fosters a culture of collaboration, performance and entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for inclusive, creative and forward-looking employees with a passion for creating innovative apparel products and accessories that give people the confidence and freedom to express themselves.

With our workforce and operations in more than 65 countries, we embrace our differences and learn from the diverse experiences, passions and perspectives of our employees, customers and consumers. As we continue to evolve our company and workplace culture, inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and in every region of the world where we do business. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone has a voice and feels welcomed as an important member of the Kontoor family.

Kontoor Brands World Headquarters

400 N Elm St

Greensboro, NC 27401


European Headquarters

Psthofbrug 2

2600 Antwerpen


Asia Pacific Headquarters

108 Wai Yip Street c-Bons

International Center Kwung Tong


Hong Kong 999077


Sian Bardell - Sales Analyst, HQ Antwerp, Belgium

One of our company key values, which I think is so important when considering where we are headed, is ‘We Win Together - We have a passion to win.

We set ambitious goals, consistently deliver and celebrate our success. We are built on a foundation of trust that ignites our entrepreneurial spirit and shapes our future.' My role as a Master Data Analyst, involves diving into the detail behind the numbers with the aim of bringing actionable insights from the data to achieve growth and marginal gains from different angles.

As a business, we are constantly looking for creative ways in which revenue can be increased across different markets, customers and styles. Essentially, figuring out what works well and where opportunities lie. An important part of my role is communicating this information to various teams in a simple and deliverable manner, in order to support them in reaching goals and targets.

We monitor strong performance within the team and actively celebrate and shout about these successes! Understanding the detail benefits both Kontoor Brands and our customers because it helps us to learn and grow, so we achieve our immediate goals together!

One of the most interesting things about working at Kontoor Brands is what you can learn from the people around you! I am fortunate that my role enables me to work with many different departments, markets and people!

Working with others inspires me to be more open minded and creative in the work that I deliver. I enjoy seeing the development of the products each season. Understanding the shifts in trends, but at the same time, still appreciating the classic, long-standing pieces at the heart of the brand.

Melanie Calle - Talent Partner, HQ Antwerp, Belgium

Kontoor Brands is a value driven organisation, and the value that resonates most with me is; we do the right thing.

In this value “taking care of each other” is baseline and in my role, as Talent Partner, I’m actively looking to improve our employee experience whether that is in career development, feeling connected, feeling heard or a sense of belonging to the company.

One of the first things we installed are our Employee groups around Inclusion & Diversity, well-being, sustainability and social activities. These groups are very important in driving this value as well, belonging, taking care of yourself, others and the planet.

In my role I report directly into the Global team in US where I feel my voice matters, my ideas are welcomed and I get to make mistakes in a trusted/safe environment.

That makes me want to bring the full me to the table. It gives me fulfillment that in this role I can actively support our people to grow and our employee resource groups to have a voice.

Matthew Janes - Wrangler EMEA Marketing Director, HQ Antwerp, Belgium

For Kontoor Brands, sustainability and responsibility influence everything we do. We take every step into account, from the process we use to develop new products, including how we manufacture, source and distribute items, to being mindful of the energy and resources we use.

For more than one-hundred years, the Wrangler® and Lee® brands have built a reputation for humility, respect and a commitment to doing the right thing. As Kontoor Brands employees, we take pride in our rich heritage and are excited for our future. Together, we are dedicated to creating quality apparel that is woven with care, style, and sensitivity to our planet.

Come be a part of our purpose-driven organization as we work together to be the common thread that inspires people to live with passion and confidence.